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Forest Park is located at Ap Lei Gong Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province, northwest of Ma Kengxiang grass Hua';an within Aberdeen village, 28 kilometers from Hua county, covering four townships, six villages, two state-owned forest farm, the whole mountain scenery from the tribute of God peak ( 1276 meters above sea level), Unicorn Peak (elevation 1369 m) and three She peaks (elevation 1411 m) peaks of three closely linked to the composition of God ...[Detail]

Source of the world';s bamboo species of turtle is located in Aberdeen Hua';an Chengguan ridge, it is the most species of bamboo, bamboo has a very high influence gene pool, but also a source of culture, the bamboo will be reflected in the most classic area. Hua is located in subtropical climate transition zone, has a unique climate and soil environment, especially suitable for the growth of bamboo. Therefore, from the local community and Japan, ...[Detail]